Hoehn told former inmate he hid Savanna's body in hollowed out dresser

Published: Sep. 24, 2018 at 7:08 PM CDT
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Shocking new details emerged surrounding the murder of Savanna Greywind, during the fifth day of William Hoehn's trial. Hoehn is accused of being a co-conspirator in the murder of Savanna in August 2017. His then girlfriend, Brooke Crews admitted to killing Greywind and was sentenced to life in prison earlier this year.

The afternoon started with testimony from Special Agent Jesse Smith, who is with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations. Smith conducted electronic searches on Crews & Hoehn’s laptops & cell phones and found eerie web history dating back to 2016.

Searches found on their electronic devices included:

'Missing persons laws in North Dakota'

'How do I register my baby after home delivery?'

'Unassisted home birth instructions'

'How to make a noose'

'How long does it take to pass out?'

'If a woman dies pregnant, when does the baby die?

Jurors also heard from Hoehn's ex-fiancée, Tanith McLoud, also took the stand this afternoon. McLoud reflected on Hoehn being very 'loving to his daughter,' but was 'racist at times' and was 'quick to temper when drunk.'

McLoud testified that Hoehn had sexually preferences for strangulation and had tried to strangle her before.

The court listened to phone calls made between Hoehn and McLoud in the first few days and months that Hoehn was first booked into jail for the death of Savanna.

"I didn't know this s*** was going to happen, I didn't help plan this s***. I made some poor decisions after I found out what was going on. But I didn't kill anybody, I didn't like make any plans to keep this baby as my own," Hoehn said to McLoud in one of their phone conversations.

Hoehn later said that he just 'couldn't turn (Brooke) in, even though he 'knew the whole thing was gonna come crashing down.'

The last witness of the afternoon was Bryan Grob, who was a former inmate at Cass County Jail and was placed near Hoehn in a segregated part of the jail.

Grob reflected on a conversation he had with Hoehn one evening when they were in the recreation room, talking about former girlfriends. Grob disclosed that one of his exes had to get an abortion, and he says Hoehn replied, 'I just would have cut the baby out of the b****.'

Grob said that Hoehn disclosed to him what happened in his apartment on Aug. 19, as the two spent more time together. Grob says Hoehn told him that he got home that afternoon to blood all over the floor and Savanna's body, and started cleaning up. Hoehn told him he then wrapped Savanna's body in trash bags before he put her body in a hollowed out dresser.

Hoehn told him he moved the dresser down the stairs by himself the next day, Aug. 20, or in the early morning hours of Aug. 21. This would put both Savanna and her newborn baby in Hoehn and Crews' apartment when police first conducted searches the first 24 hours Savanna went missing.

Trial resumes tomorrow morning at 9 am with testimony expected from Brooke Crews.