Hillsboro man grateful for West Fargo family that plowed his home

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HILLSBORO, N.D. (Valley News Live) All the snow this winter has truly put to the test what it means to be Midwestern nice.

A family from West Fargo put that saying into action when they drove 40 minutes to plow a disabled man’s driveway and backyard in Hillsboro.

“You can see where I left the shovel last because I was getting tired,” Ricky Koepplin said while standing in his plowed driveway.

Koepplin can only use one arm after he got shoulder surgery. He’s also plagued by several health troubles, including Parkinson's Disease and dementia.

On Saturday, he was struggling to shovel his driveway to try and free his vehicle.

Frustration set in and that’s when he made a plea for help over Facebook by recording a video.

But, Koepplin said he didn’t suspect that someone would be stirred to action by his video.

“They are the greatest people in the world because they basically saved my life because I can get to the doctor if I have to,” Koepplin said.

The family from West Fargo doesn’t want to be identified, but they said they drove Saturday at around 8 p.m. to Koepplin’s home.

They brought along with them a Bobcat that had a snow blower attached. A job that would’ve taken Koepplin days was done in 45 minutes.

“I'd like to thank them from the bottom of my heart,” Koepplin said.

Koepplin said the city or county won’t plow his alley.

“They said they're not responsible for taking care of the alleys. It's my responsibility,” Koepplin said.

The helpers tell us they don’t want the attention for their kind act.

They were motivated to assist Koepplin by anger in knowing the city of Hillsboro wouldn’t help him.

“if it wasn't for them my truck would still be right there,” Koepplin said pointing to his alley.