High school fishing league catching on locally

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(FARGO) Valley News Live Summer vacation takes a back seat for some high school students, who are maintaining the rivalries between neighboring schools. They're competing, but not on any court or field, its on the water.
Give Kyle Agre most of the credit. He loves the outdoors, including fishing. So much so, he's committed himself to giving kids in the area a chance to experience fishing for themselves. Kyle had a big hand in forming the Lake Agassiz High School Fishing League, with teams from West Fargo, Sheyenne, Fargo North, South and Davies. Agre says "Some of these student anglers are involved in sports, they are involved in drama, they are involved in music, but some of them aren't and so this is a chance for, this to be their thing." Their thing means the teams head out to area lakes in separate boats with volunteer drivers, who take them where they want to fish, let them use what they want for bait and competitively catch, record and release fish.
One of the angler athletes is Jeremy McIntyre from Fargo North. I asked him if there's a rivalry and if he feels it. He said "Yeh, just trying to get out there and beat them!" Jeremy's coach, Brent Miller says "It's a real competition, yeh, its its a when you put on the jersey with your logo on it, it makes us a little more important for you and those in the boat."
For his part, Agre says he feels fantastic and loves it!
The fishing league is filling a void in his life. His own kids are grown and off on their own. He says after watching them in activities during school, he wants to help others do the same and since he grew up fishing, this was a natural.
Doug Leier is not only a North Dakota Game and Fish Biologist, but has a son, who participates in the league. Leier says "Kyle is one of a kind, he's a gem, he definitely is. It's something you can see , you can hear and it's really part of his DNA" Agre adds that "I get excited, when I see these kids come back in at the end of the night with a big smile on their face. They're telling stores, they are talking about what happened in the boat and even more so, when they start talking about going back and meeting with their teammates."
And with any experience at this age, the anglers will be able to take what they've learned and improve with time. There are some colleges, that are offering fishing scholarships and some students are able to compete in tournaments, where the payoff is scholarship money.
Pretty good opportunities right now, doing something that they will be able to do for the rest of their lives.
Currently, these teams are non-curricular clubs within the Fargo and West Fargo school districts. It means the league is not a school sanctioned sport and does not receive funding from the school districts. They have however, received support from several sponsors including Scheels and Lund boats.