Hendrum man frustrated with postal service, says it wasn't open during scheduled hours

HENDRUM, Minn. (Valley News Live)- A Hendrum man is frustrated. He says, he tried to mail a letter at his local post office during their regular hours, but they were closed. That’s why he contacted our Whistleblower Hotline. But the post office is saying, there was good reason for it.

Joshua Lemke has been living in Hendrum for a couple years now. He tells us, he was in for a surprise when he stopped at the Hendrum Post Office last week, to mail something important.

"We were trying to mail out a certified letter for my mother and we weren't able to mail it out until two days later because the post office was closed," says Lemke.

There's a sign on the door saying when they're open. That's why Lemke made a point to be there on time. But he says when get got there, they were closed.

"They weren't open due to staffing issues apparently," says Lemke.

We stopped in the post office and talked with an employee working there. She tells us, she's just working there temporarily and her postmaster is trying to find someone permanent. But Lemke says, his beef isn't with the local office, it's with the way the postal service is run.

"They need to plan better. They obviously didn't plan well for when they moved our employee somewhere else," says Lemke.

Lynnette Sandhofmer has lived in Hendrum for 18 years. She tells us, she thinks the post office does just fine and she's not upset at all.

"The lobby is open 24 hours/7 days a week. You can go in and get your mail whenever you want," says Hendrum Resident, Lynnette Sandhofmer.

We talked with a USPS spokesperson, David Rupert. He tells us, the hours of post offices across the country, reflect the number of people they serve. Rupert also says, Lemke is right. The post office did open an hour later that day. But he says, there was a good reason for it. That reason was staffing problems, the woman who typically works there, was at another post office about 30 miles away.

Rupert tells us, when situations like this do happen they try to make their customers aware. He says, if that specific location is closed, there are several other offices within 15 miles. He also wants to remind people about the online delivery options with USPS.

He tells us, they are always looking for more employees. For a link to online delivery options and locations, you can click on this link: https://www.usps.com/.