Helmet saves boy's life after being struck by mail truck, how a local organization is rewarding kids for wearing helmets

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BAXTER, Minn. (Valley News Live) -- A four-year-old boy has his helmet to thank for saving his life.
Last Saturday, the boy was riding his bike around a Baxter, Minnesota neighborhood when he was struck by a mail truck. The boy's helmet was crushed, the boy was not.

He survived, and his family is calling it a miracle.

"I turned around, and then I turn back around in time to kind of see the front of the vehicle pop up a little bit and then I heard a kind of a popping sound which I'm assuming was the helmet," said father, Chris Groenwold.

And there he saw his son, with part of the helmet still on his head.
When officials ran to Cohen, he had no sign of serious injury.

"You know that's really remarkable that the bicycle helmet was able to help that little boy," said Gene LaDoucer, Triple AAA spokesman.

Gene LaDoucer, Triple AAA spokesman, says 60 percent of people who are killed in bicycle crashes are not wearing helmets.

He says the numbers show wearing these head guards could save one life a day, and prevent four serious head injuries a day.

"You know bike helmets are certainly beneficial I mean they're even recommended during periods of tornados, so they're built to withstand a great deal of impact, but the crushing injury of being run over by a mail truck is really remarkable," said LaDoucer.

He says not only is it essential to wear it but to wear it properly, making sure it's the right size and position, and completely fastened.

Triple AAA is holding it's annual "I Got Caught" campaign.

Kids who are spotted by law enforcement wearing a helmet during appropriate summer activities could win free ice cream at Dairy Queen.

To see the link to the full article on the Groenwold's click here: https://www.kare11.com/article/news/helmet-saves-life-of-boy-hit-by-mail-truck/89-828fbcca-e43c-4038-99ef-7931ede28f54