Hector International Airport named 2019 busiest small airport of the year

FARGO, N.D.– Hector International Airport, a municipal airport located three miles northwest of Fargo, North Dakota, was named Official Aviation Guide’s 2019 Busiest Small Airport of the Year.

The award recognizes Hector International Airport as the busiest small airport in the country, which accommodated 553,492 scheduled departing seats in the previous 12 months.

“This acknowledgement is a reflection of the passengers we serve.” said Shawn Dobberstein, Executive Director of Hector International Airport. “We’re grateful for our community and so thankful for all the people who choose to fly Fargo.”

Small airports are classified as those which range from 510,000 to 554,000 departing scheduled seats annually. Akron/Canton, a civil-military airport that serves the greater Cleveland, Ohio area, ranked second, followed by Key West, Billings and Amarillo Rick Husband, rounding out the top five.

For more information on Hector International Airport, go to www.fargoairport.com.