Heavy snow weighs down trees in metro, knocking down power lines

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- It feels as though we went from fall to winter overnight. The winds and heavy wet snow is causing an issue for trees. Trees are being weighed down, landing on power lines and homes.

Some families Valley News Live talked with Saturday said they're lucky they weren't outside.

Leaves, branches and full-on trees are entirely weighed down by over four inches of snow. They also knocked down several power lines in the metro.

"I noticed trees down and a lot of snow, and there were a lot of accidents," said Stephen Sakkinen from West Fargo.

The effects of the storm are shaking up many like Madison Krsnak in Fargo.

"A bunch of trees came down; we lost a bunch of bushes," said Krsnak.

She even lost her phoneline in her backyard. Krsnak said she's just happy her son Eli wasn't outside.

"Have we ever seen something this early like this? No," said Krsnak. "This was a lot, and it's heavy, it's very heavy snow. Hopefully, we can get it back together."

Neighbors like Krsnak said that now's it's time for clean up, and it's time to get prepared. Winter hasn't even started.

"I would suggest to have some, you know, back up supplies and hopefully you have a fireplace in your house," said Sakkinen.

Police also said it's a good idea to knock the snow off of the trees if you can.

Police are also warning drivers about traffic signs and lights.

If they're covered with snow, slow down to avoid accidents.