Someone snatched Little Caesars' donation box benefiting homeless

Published: Sep. 7, 2017 at 6:15 PM CDT
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Something happened to a recently highlighted pizza shop that may break your heart. Little Caesars in North Fargo has been serving the homeless, in more ways than just a free slice of pizza.

Little Caesars on 19th avenue was having a problem with people eating out of their trash. They tried to solve the problem by posting a sign on their drive through window, telling the hungry to come in for a couple free slices.

We caught wind of what they were doing, talked to the general manager, Michelle Lussier and ran a story on their generosity. "That same day that it aired we did a have a person who came in and no questions asked we gave them their food items that were needed."

However, something else happened too, more people in the community came in and dropped money into a donation box placed on the counter to feed the homeless. While they were open, and no one was watching, someone snatched the box full of bills and coins, adding up to an estimated couple hundred dollars. Lussier says, "And they just walked off with it."

The employees didn't see it, however a camera caught the action. Lussier says it's up to the owners what they want to do about the stolen money. "We are trying to help people and try to prosper, and do good, and somebody just comes along and thinks it’s okay to help themselves."

But, no matter which way you slice it, they are going to keep on fighting the good fight. Lussier says, "We are still accepting donations yes."

The shop also donates leftover pizzas to local food shelves. Each Little Caesars is privately owned. If you're looking to donate, you can do so at the 19th avenue location.