Healthier Me: steps to avoid a bad workout

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You hit the gym almost every day and put in many hours, so why aren't you seeing the results you want?

"Over time, with bad practices, you possibly can become injured or your performance levels aren't going to be to the level they possibly could, if you follow some of those good habits," says Sanford POWER manager Randy Martin.

So what are the bad habits you want to avoid? Martin says there are six things you should avoid while working out: not giving yourself enough recovery time and monotonous workouts are a couple you want to steer clear of.

"They maybe think they are in better shape than they really are and they don't ease into it. They all of a sudden jump gung-ho into it and get going and they get sore and discouraged and they drop off in their consistency levels," says Martin

Experts also say you want to make sure you're eating enough, avoiding alcohol, staying hydrated and getting enough sleep. Also, make sure that you're changing your workout routine at least every two you weeks.

"A lot of people get into bad habits and kind of get stagnant in their workouts and get bored of what they are doing," says Martin.

Sticking with an exercise routine is key if you want to see progress. The best ways to do that is to set up a plan based on the goals you have in mind and find the best exercises to meet those goals.