Healthier Me: should you be eating for two during your pregnancy?

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The amount of calories you eat during pregnancy is one of the most important ways you can make sure your baby is getting all the necessary nutrients.

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Profile by Sanford coach Trista Montgomery says she knows how crazy cravings can get during pregnancy.

"The raucous of being pregnant in the first place is a lot to think about, it did make it a lot easier to go for those fast food options," says Montgomery.

Doctors say eating for two during pregnancy is a myth and it misrepresents the recommended calories women need.

"Our bodies are working so much harder to do what they need to do while we are pregnant, that our cravings are going to go into over-drive and so we need to be able to control those with the healthy food groups," says Montgomery.

Studies show moms who eat for two are thirty-three percent more likely to give birth to a larger baby, which can lead to them having a C-section.

Eating a variety of foods like fruits, vegetables, grains, protein sources and dairy products will give you the proper nutrients.

"If you are getting those in, you are not going to be over eating, your body will be nutritionally satisfied," says Montgomery.

Montgomery says during the first trimester women won't need additional calories. However, during the second trimester women need an extra 200 to 400 calories per day and 250-550 more calories in the third trimester.

Profile by Sanford helps moms-to-be plan out their meals.

"Coaching really helps them figure out what are the proper food groups, "how can I get all of these in, how can I make sure I am healthy throughout the pregnancy," says Montgomery.