Healthier Me: Sanford B4 Baby Class

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FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) From health considerations to financial changes Sanford Women's Hospital is helping couples by offering a new class called B4 Baby.

Photo courtesy: MGN

"To help patients learn more about how to start a healthy pregnancy before getting pregnant," says Sanford Women's OB/GYN Dr. Christine Keup.

From fertility and preparing your body for what to expect at doctors visits, the course answers any questions couples may have before taking the big step.

"We have a lot of resources for education and steering patients where they should go to get the most information," says Dr. Keup.

Sanford Women's Hospital wants women to feel comfortable during their pregnancy. They have birth designers that make sure you have a healthy birth experience.

"Making sure they are prepared physically and mentally to prepare for a big change in their life is really important," says Dr. Keup.

They also provide additional classes for parents, even after their baby is born. However, Dr. Keup recommends that seeing your physician is the first big step before you start a family.

"Talk to their physician first and say we want to start a family, is there anything we can do in preparation for that to make sure that we have a healthy pregnancy and start a healthy family," says Dr. Keup.

The B4 Baby Class is a free one hour course. The birth designer is available throughout the entire pregnancy and is free for all expectant mothers.