Healthier Me: Eating like an Olympian

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To make it to the Olympics, athletes not only train their bodies and their minds, but also their nutrition.

When it comes to fueling your body like an Olympian, experts say timing is also an important factor.

"Begin your day by eating breakfast. Olympians consume their first meal approximately 30 to 60 minutes after waking up," said Sanford Dietitian Amanda Nack.

This fuels our body and helps with fatigue and reduces injuries when we work out. Diets that are rich in carbs and protein are what gives athletes more fuel.

"Eating consistently throughout the day, whether that's regular meals or incorporating snacks into meals. The importance of incorporating the balance of carbohydrates, dietary fats and proteins, so not specifically avoiding any one of the macro nutrients," said Nack.

Remember, you have to eat the amount of calories based on the intensity of your activity.

"It's important for us to eat to our body's needs so to account for what kind of activity we have at work," said Nack.

Most importantly, don't forget to stay hydrated.

"Drinking about half of your body weight in ounces of fluids each day would meet your hydration needs," said Nack.

While you may never be on a Wheaties' box, you can still use these tips to improve your personal health and well-being.

While most Olympians cut down on coffee, health officials say caffeine can boost muscle power and give increased endurance.