Healthier Me: Choosing the right foods for your Super Bowl party

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FARGO, N.D. (VALLEY NEWS LIVE) - The Super Bowl is all about football, commercials, and most importantly, snacks.

Health officials say the average Super Bowl viewer will consumer 1,200 calories while snacking. Studies show the big game is the second largest day of food consumption, behind thanksgiving!

Whether you're munching on some veggies sticks or covering your chips with buffalo dip, there is definitely room to incorporate all of your game day favorites!

"Keep in mind the moderation piece of that and individually portioning out any of those items," said Sanford Dietitian Amanda Nack.

It's easy to over do it and start to mindlessly eat because the food is right in front of us.

"We are not necessarily following our hunger and fullness cues, we are more so possibly eating because the food is there or not fully paying attention to if we are satisfied or not," said Nack.

Using smaller plates and dividing your foods into single serving portions can help cut down on those extra calories. While Nack said moderation is key, there are other things you can do to prevent yourself from over-eating.

"Not hanging out by the food counter or table all evening just because it may lead to more mindless eating," said Nack.

If you're hosting the party, having a variety of foods gives your guests the option to choose from healthy and unhealthy snacks.