Health officials push infant sleep safety reminders with #SafeNapSnap

Sleeping baby, Photo Date: July 25, 2008 / Cropped Photo: Seth Baur / CC BY 2.0

MINNEAPOLIS (KARE) It is Infant Safe Sleep Week in Minnesota.

During this week, the Minnesota Department of Health is promoting safe sleep practices for infants.

According to MDH, state data shows that unsafe sleep environments account for nearly all unexpected infant deaths in Minnesota. About 50 infants die each year.

In order to try and prevent more of these tragedies, MDH is asking people to use social media to promote their safe sleep practices by using the hashtag #SafeNapSnap.

The agency is also asking advertisers and retailers to use images that promote safe sleep, including showing babies lieing on their backs in an empty crib with no pillows, blankets or toys.

A study done by the Children's National Medical Center shows magazines targeting women of childbearing age, more than one-third of images showed babies in unsafe sleep positions and more than two-thirds showed babies in unsafe sleep environments.

So, how should a baby be sleeping? MDH shared an "ABCs" to help parents remember:

for ALONE: Infants should always sleep or nap alone.

B for BACK: Always put a baby on their back to sleep or nap.

C for CRIB: Babies should always sleep or nap in their own safety-approved crib or play yard.

Parents should also take pillows, blankets and toys out of the crib, according to MDH.

For more information on Infant Safe Sleep Week, visit the MDH website.