Halstad, Hendrum communities mourn the loss of their 'hometown hero' Cody Holte

Published: May. 28, 2020 at 5:44 PM CDT
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Hearts are broken after learning it was officer Cody Holte that was killed in Wednesday's shooting in Grand Forks. It happened Wednesday afternoon at a Grand Forks apartment complex. We went to Cody's hometown today to get the reaction from community members.

Cody Holte was a father, husband, son, nephew, uncle and hero to those around him.

"If anybody met Cody Holte, they would know he's just one of the kindest dudes, he's always willing to help," said close friend Tyler Kolness.

Kolness said Cody was "ahead of the curve" in sports growing up.

"When I learned how he passed away, I wasn't honestly surprised because he's so noble himself," said Kolness. "I was just like 'that's Cody."'

Cody went to Norman County West Elementary School in Hendrum, then Norman County West High School in Halstad, Minnesota.

"You wanted a friend like Cody Holte in this life," said Kolness. "You wanted your son to be like Cody Holte. "I heard our old coach; he said something along the lines that whenever he was expecting that he wanted twins so they could be like Cody and Brady."

Melissa Olson from Halstad went to school with Cody's mom and dad. She told me she had the pleasure of watching Cody, his twin brother and sister grow up. She says Cody was kind and respectful to everyone he met.

The Halstad Living Center posted on Facebook saying the staff, residents and community are broken with the loss of their hometown hero. They say they're surrounding all who loved him and those who protect us with love and prayers.

Many are still at a loss for words but say they will never forget the selfless man that did such a heroic act.

"Try to be a better person like Cody Holte was," said Kolness.