Habitat for Humanity

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Families are selected through a very lengthy process that in the end changes their lives for good. They build their home alongside volunteers with habitat for humanity, and then pay a mortgage that pays it forward to others.

"We use those funds to build future houses so when people donate to habitat, not only are you helping build the next house that we build, your essentially helping us build the next thirty years of houses," said Pete Christopher.

A former volunteer of Habitat for Humanity, Pete Christopher knows all too well about the excitement and joy of having a home brings to recipients.

"Empowering them to change their own lives and giving them the power to do great things with their lives and their kids’ lives too," said Christopher.

The goal of the F-M Habitat for Humanity branch is to complete three homes for single mothers by the end of the year.

"The people that we work with they are not lazy, it is just that the cost of housing is extremely high right now and it is going up," said Christopher.

Many of the families have similar paths that led them to Habitat for Humanity, and throughout the process they become good friends. They even in return dedicate over 200 hours to help build the homes of others, many who they don’t even know.

"Interacting with our community and our volunteers, and that is what is cool about being a volunteer with “Habitat”, you get to work side by side with the person you are building the house for," said Christopher.

While the organization is always open to volunteers to build a home, a dire need at the moment is donations that will help complete their task of three homes by the end of the year.

"Whether that is 25 dollars, or 250 dollars, or twenty five thousand dollars, or whatever, we need those homes to build initially," said Christopher.

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