Group formed to fight legalized marijuana in North Dakota

Published: Sep. 6, 2018 at 11:40 AM CDT
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The battle is on over efforts to legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota.

That's a measure residents will be voting on, in the November general election.

Today we learn a group is organized and will campaign against it.

The group is called "North Dakotans Against The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana".

It is headed-up by former Attorney General and District Court Judge Bob Wefald.

They are joined by representatives of law enforcement, the state Chamber of Commerce and an out of state anti-marijuana group called "SAM". That’s an acronym for Smart Approaches to Marijuana.

They say if Measure Three passes it would be bad law.

Specifically the vote no group says it will not be against the law to drive while stoned.

It also says people will be able to smoke marijuana pretty much anywhere and that its distribution would be--for the most part--un-regulated.

Judge Wefald says his group will spend whatever it takes, to see Measure Three defeated.