Graphic post of a skinned puppy left on the highway has gone viral, suspect is unknown

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BELTRAMI COUNTY, M.N. (Valley News Live) -- There's new information on a graphic post that went viral on Facebook Monday. It has to do with a puppy being found on the side of the road, and what's described as a horrific case of animal abuse.

"She heard that a dog was skinned alive and left out on the road," said Leon Nabers from Red Lake. He said his aunt told the news when he got home Monday afternoon.

"I was at school and I don't know I was just going through Facebook and I see it and it kind of made me sad because who would do that?" said Red Lake Student Marida Day.

Leon and Marida are talking about a post that was the talk of the day Monday.

It was a post shared by Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue in northwestern Minnesota.

They said they were contacted about a dead dog that was found in the center of Ponemah Highway.

Due to the graphic nature of the picture, we didn't share it on camera, but the rescue describes it as a seven-month-old German Shepherd named Smokey who was someone's pet. It was found skinned and left on the side of the road.

"That's not part of our culture," said Nabers. "Our culture is whatever we hunt we kill, deer, you know stuff we can live off. Not puppies, not puppies. Puppies are like mans best friend I guess. Puppies are innocent, defenseless, kind of like a child."

The animal rescue says the incident happened on March 26th and has been reported to the Red Lake Police Department, but they have yet to respond.

The animal rescue says pictures and text messages have been sent to the Red Lake Police Department. The Human Society of the United States is in contact with Red Lake's Rosie's Rescue and will offer a reward, but only if they are contacted by a law enforcement agency.

Red Lake Rosie's Rescue told Valley News Live on Monday that this wasn't the only incident like this that happened in the area. In fact tomorrow they will be releasing another post about a dog that was allegedly stabbed and run over by a car deliberately.

The animal rescue is trying to get a reward going, so they can find out who in the community skinned the puppy.