Grand Forks named 'worst city to live in in North Dakota'

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live)- You might think you live in the worst town, but a new report by 24/7 Wall Street says Grand Forks is the worst city to live in, in North Dakota.

The report says 2.9% unemployment rate is above any other city in the state, but it's below the national rate of 4.1%.

24/7 Wall Street also says the median annual household income in Grand Forks is the lowest in the state, at $48,241.

But city leaders say they're continuing to invest to make Grand Forks a better place to live.

Most people I spoke to say it's disappointing and surprising to have Grand Forks ranked the worst city to live in North Dakota.

"I think that's a little ridiculous. I do not agree at all," says Bridget West, Grand Forks Resident for 18 years.

The report says 19.7% of Grand Forks residents are living in poverty and the unemployment rate in Grand Forks is almost 3%. The report also says violence in Grand Forks is happening at 315 per 100,000 people compared to 281 statewide.

But despite these statistics, a few residents say Grand Forks has a lot to offer, which makes up for this data.

"It's big enough to have a lot going on, but it's small enough where you know people. You know the community and you can get into a lot of groups because there's a lot to do here," says Jared Westrem, Grand Forks resident.

A group in Grand Forks actually made a campaign to show what the city has to offer.

"We have about 50 million dollars in investment being added to our downtown right now. We've done a lot locally here to increase our quality of living," says Becca Cruger, Grand Forks Region Economic Development.

Cruger says city leaders are actually listening to its residents. She says this makes Grand Forks a better place to live.

"There's a lot of investments being put into our community right now to better our community for everyone, not a specific group of people," says Kathryn Kester, 7 year resident.

Investments like having more lively events and spicing up Town Square.

If you'd like to see the full report, click the attached link.