Grand Forks digging out from under 14-inches of snow

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GRAND FORKS, N.D. (Valley News Live) They’re still digging out in the northern valley today. Grand Forks was hit with over 14-inches of snow during the past 2 days.
It’s all left just about everyone with a big mess to cleanup.
It was another tough day if you needed commute to work in the northern valley this morning. You were greeted by blowing snow and icy roads.
In Grand Forks, dozens upon dozens of trucks were stranded here since yesterday afternoon, when I-29 and Highway 2 west were closed.
Ryan Stroh, Minneapolis Trucker: “I’m headed to a couple of drops in Grand Forks, Thief River Falls, Crookston area.”
Reporter: “Is this a bit of a money loser when this happens?”
Stroh: “Actually, I’m doing pretty good. I’m getting paid by the hour to sit, so I don’t mind it.”
When I-29 and Highway 2 were reopened after 7 this morning, there was no rush of truckers hitting the road, most waited for daylight. However, some made their way to work as if it were any other day. Mike says he has snow tires on his bike. And since most sidewalks were still buried, this woman simply moved her morning walk … out on the street.
Betsie Perkins, Grand Forks: “I walk to work. I didn’t want to get my bike out today. Yeah, the sidewalks are a little plugged yet.”
Here’s the biggest problem for city crews all over town. Cars that are still buried along the street or in the street. City plows can’t get through to get the streets clean again.
Mark Aubel, GF Street Dept.: “You know we did such a good job yesterday, everybody thought they could drive around town and they’re stuck today. So, we’re fighting that again now. Some of the residential areas and main thorough fares, we have cars stuck. So, we’re trying to get those cleared out too.”
Aubel says city crews will spend another 16 hours trying to get more than 14-inches of snow off some 700 miles of city streets.