Grammy artists wear white roses for Time's Up

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NEW YORK (AP) — The sea of black at the Golden Globes has given way to a small forest of white roses at the Grammys.

Plenty of musicians and artists took to the red carpet Sunday sporting white roses to show their solidarity with the Time's Up organization, which hopes to support women with legal and financial help who raise sexual misconduct complaints.

"Every voice should be heard, so I'm definitely going to support that," said Allen Hughes, director of "The Defiant Ones," wearing two small roses on his lapel. "I'm a feminist."

Most stars wore black and a Time's Up pin in support of the movement at the Golden Globes this month. Fewer wore roses at the Grammys, but some were just being rock stars.

Songwriter Diane Warren skipped the rose but wore two white gloves — one with the word "girl" and one with "power." She's a nominee for the 15th time.

"I didn't want to wear the rose. I'm a rebel," she said.

The sexual misconduct scandals that have rocked media, Hollywood and politics haven't spread far in the music industry, but Warren thinks it will.

"One hundred percent," she said.