Gov. Burgum's budget raises spending 5 percent

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum has unveiled a $14.3 billion budget that raises state spending 5 percent and seeks to replenish reserves that were used to balance previous budgets.

His two-year blueprint presented to the Legislature Wednesday offers state employee pay raises, and spending increases on education, human services and infrastructure projects.

The first-term Republican governor's spending plan also would use $300 million of the interest from the state's voter-approved oil tax savings account for education loans and grants, and funding for projects that include a $50 million Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library in western North Dakota.

The state's current two-year budget including federal aid is $13.6 billion. That's $600 million less than the 2015 budget that had more than doubled since 2009 with the rise of oil activity in the state.