Got mail? Fargo/West Fargo residents say not always

(Valley News Live) - Got mail? Several neighbors in the Fargo and West Fargo area say they don't always get theirs.

A West Fargo man recently posted on Nextdoor, saying he hadn’t gotten his mail in a few days. Many others responded, saying it happened to them to. A lot of others commented with possible reasons.

Another West Fargo resident, Jamie Motter, tells Valley News Live, his mail goes missing all the time.

"Sometimes, I mean, it's taken months before, for me to get my stuff," he said.

Motter says, aside from not always getting his mail, there are also many mix ups in his neighborhood.

"I've gotten mail from the next door neighbor,” he said, “he brings it over, that's mine. I've gotten some from him."

Motter says about a year ago, went to his local post office to find answers.

"He said it was all due to new people," Motter said.
Meanwhile, he says, he’s still going through the same problems. Motter himself says he often sees different people delivering the mail in the area.

"Every couple months there's probably somebody new,” he said, “that's what it seems like. I don't know if somebody else is covering their shift or if it's a new person or what's going on but I, I mean, seriously I haven't seen somebody the same for...I just haven't seen the same person."

His next door neighbor, Milo Walther, says he always gets his mail: but it's often late, and usually has money in it.

"Income that we've had,” he said, “didn't come when it was supposed to."

We called and visited several post offices in the area—but none were allowed to speak with us about reasons why this might happen.

In fact, one postal worker was about to speak with us. But after we let the corporate office know about the story, that worker received an email instructing against communication with media without authorization—which was never given—and he canceled the interview.

The United States Postal Service emailed Valley News Live the following statement:

We appreciate all of the hard work our employees are doing to ensure that our valued customers’ packages and mail are delivered in a timely fashion. Our carriers are counted on to deliver to nearly 100,000 addresses 6 days a week across the Fargo-W. Fargo-Moorhead community and typically do so without fail.

Recent inclement weather may have impacted our ability to reach our customers but we are committed to providing the level of service our customers expect and deserve when it is safe for our employees to do so.

If customers have questions or concerns about their mail service we want to hear about it. Please contact your local Post Office or call 800-ASK-USPS. The earlier customers notify us of possible issues, the sooner we can resolve them.

We know inclement weather can’t be the the whole story, as we're still hearing complaints even in the warmer weather.

So for now, there's still many questions. But we won't shut this mailbox until we get answers.

We're submitting a public information request and will keep you updated.