Teddy bears, chalk, the simple things are getting families through

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(Valley News Live) -- We miss our students. That's what school members want you to know as it's been over a week since class was last dismissed at Westside Elementary School. Many events have been canceled in the metro including the Wildcat Parade.

It was an event that was supposed to be fun and cheerful. Beaver Creek Townhomes was where the Wildcat Parade was going to take off.
Staff members said they were going to make through neighborhoods to say hi to their students. They ended up calling it off because they want to keep everyone safe.

They canceled because the CDC says the coronavirus spreads when people are in close contact with one another. They recommend distancing yourself six feet away.

"Westside is the best side," said Alayna Watson, a seven-year-old that goes to Westside Elementary.

Alayna wants her teacher to know she's still thinking about her. The parade was supposed to go down Alayna's street.

"We were bummed, they were sad because they were looking forward to it," said Kelly Watson, Alayna's mother. "They made signs. They're used to seeing their teachers and staff."

The Watson's say the parade being canceled was for the best. They want to keep their six-foot distance, just like many others in the metro.

Many neighbors are still finding a reason to smile.

People in the Riverwood neighborhood in north Fargo put teddy bears in their windows so children could find them on their walks.

"It's just fun to have a community that quickly comes together for the kids," said mother, Michaela Schell. "Even for the parents and gives us a reason to get out and get some smiles on our faces."

The Wilds neighborhood in West Fargo is spreading positive words. Many spreading cheer, but doing it at a distance.

Westside Elementary School made a video for all their students to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PtccH9OVqs&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR0ayOGnoFGkULBM4Qb5pbhLj0-RIo5dprikHh8os2C1crjUK3ughLWlIKc