Government shutdown delays food inspections by FDA

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- No paycheck for many federal employees as the government continues to impact millions of Americans, including you. The shutdown has forced the FDA to suspend a large portion of its food safety inspections. Meaning, typical food inspections that are done to keep you safe, have been delayed.

With all the recalls that have been happening recently, from turkey to lettuce, the latest on this government shutdown has some people on edge. Since the shutdown, there was a two week period around the holidays when no inspections were done. And now the FDA is backed up. They typically do about 160 inspections each week but with almost half of their employees on furlough, that hasn't been possible.

“There's opportunities for salmonella. We just had recent outbreaks and such,” says Fargo Resident, Chris Bende.

Now, the FDA is still inspecting high risk foods like seafood, cheese, and infant formula. That makes up about 31% of all inspection. And advocacy groups are saying, the longer the FDA is unable to do food inspections the greater the risk is for foodborne illnesses.