UPDATE: North Fargo gas leak scene cleared

Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) A gas leak evacuated 87 daycare children, and a few residents in the 2900 block of Madison Avenue late this morning.

The leak was reported around 10:15 Monday morning to 3013 Madison Ave. N, and blocked off about half the street until around 12:30 this afternoon.

The children evacuated from the YWCA daycare were safely taken to Madison Elementary nearby. YWCA officials say parents were notified once the group of children safely made it to the elementary school, and again once they made it back to the daycare.

Fire officials tell Valley News Live the cause of the leak came after Xcel Energy was working on a home meter on the block. Officials and the homeowner tell us the a worker was shoveling and something sparked, causing a very miniature explosion.

Fire officials say it's still not totally clear if that is the true cause of the leak yet.

The home owner tells Valley News Live some of the siding on his home was melted.

Fire officials say there were no children or neighbors injured or sick, however one Xcel worker did sustain minor injuries.