Gackle-Streeter School Evacuated After Magnesium Spill

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GACKLE, N.D. ( – More information has been released on the reported magnesium spill at the Gackle-Streeter School Tuesday afternoon.

HazMat teams from Fargo and Jamestown were called to the high school after a bottle of magnesium powder brok open in a storage closet in the science classroom.

“A teacher and student were present in the classroom when a “popping” sound occurred in a storage cabinet,” stated Logan County Emergency Manager Daniel Schwartz. “School officials consulted county law enforcement and emergency management who said to evacuate the school as a safety precaution after the substance was found to be flammable and possibly explosive.”

Logan County Sheriff Andrew Bartholomaus stated that students were safely evacuated and no one was injured. The school was shut down until the regional hazardous materials team could recover the magnesium safely.

“The hazmat team contained and recovered the powder in approximately 20 minutes and confirmed the evacuation was necessary,” Schwartz pointed out. ” A fire or explosion could have occurred if the powder came in contact with moisture or a heart source. School officials also shut down mechanical and electrical systems as a precaution.”

The powder was sealed in a metal can and taken to the Gackle Fire Hall for proper disposal.

School will resume as normal on Wednesday.

ORIGINAL STORY: HazMat teams from Fargo and Jamestown were called to the Gackle-Streeter School Tuesday afternoon after a reported magnesium spill.

The spill happened just after 2:45 PM at the High School science lab. According to Logan County Emergency Manager Daniel Schwartz, the school needed to be evacuated after the spill occurred.

The closet where the spill was located was closed as the HazMat teams were en route.

No injuries were reported and more details will be offered once the report is filed.