Frustrated parents pack school board meeting

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - The Fargo School Board's meeting room was packed with parents. A majority of them came to show solidarity against the board's proposals to shift boundary lines in south Fargo - should overcrowding become an issue in the future.

"For all of those that maybe thinking there's something immediately on the horizon - the answer is no, there isn't. Is there most likely going to be a need to figure out how to address growth in south side Fargo? Absolutely," says Scool Board President Jim Johnson.

"We appreciate being included at the early stages of the discussion," says Stacey Piechowski, whose children go to Fargo Public Schools.

But soon, the speakers started addressing their concerns with the board itself, including its transparency.

"Quite frankly, the actions of the board since this information has been available suggests everything but a commitment to being transparent," says Shannon Voeller.

Another issue parents have is with the board's responsiveness.

"I've emailed all of you an outline of option 8 boundary proposal. And I've gotten one response," Piechowski says.

Parents also take issue with the board's attitude towards the boundary line proposals.

"I, as well as many others, are extremely frustrated by the board's attempt to deflect the importance of the existence of these proposals and to continually suggest we're overreacting," Voeller says.

In response, Johnson says the board plans to have any and all discussions regarding boundaries in a public setting.

"I can assure you this board is committed to transparency and public input. And both of those will be front and center when and if we have an issue of boundaries to adjust," he continues.

You can find the board's boundary line proposals attached to this story.

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