Friends remember Danie Leigh Thomssen & Carson Dennis Roney

Published: Feb. 12, 2017 at 10:08 PM CST
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18-year-old Danie Leigh Thomssen and 19-year-old Carson Dennis Roney died after their car slid off the Glyndon exit on I-94 and hit a guard rail on Saturday night.

The slick roads were a factor in that crash.

Danie's close friends said they can't believe she's gone, but they're thankful for the time they had with her.

She was a bright, vibrant, full of life Freshman at NDSU.

Danie Leigh Thomssen knew Morgan Seminary and Jaden Braunagel since they were little.

They called themselves the "Tres Amigas."

"Wherever we went we took this picture where Jaden and Danie would stand in the background doing peace signs and I was up front because we thought we were cool," Seminary said.

From volleyball to traveling on the road with the NDSU Gold Star Band, this group of friends will remember the great times they had with Danie.

"Danie was very bright, bubbly and a cheerful person. She was never mad or sad and she always made you feel better," Braunagel said.

The NDSU Gold Star Band Director Sigurd Johnson remembers when he first met Thomssen on check-in day.

When he broke the news to the rest of the band through social media, the reality of Danie not returning next year hit him hard.

"It's important that we get to know each other and we enjoy each others's company because we don't know if and when that will be taken away from us," Johnson said.

This group of friends also remembers Carson Dennis Roney, who Danie knew from where she was living on-campus.

"He was a great guy. His mom raised him right that's for sure," Seminary said.

Another person in the car, 18-year-old Haley Lynn Visto was hurt in the accident but survived.

Several students we've talked to say they will be planning something to remember Danie and Carson.

Editor's Note: Earlier versions of this article had Rone, not Roney, as Carson's last name. It's been corrected in this story.