Frazee community celebrates 10th Annual Memorial Car Show for a son who lost his battle to cancer

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FRAZEE, Minn. (Valley News Live) A Minnesota mother is hosting the 10th Annual Memorial Car Show for her son Tyler Shipman who lost his battle to cancer in 2010.

In October of 2009, Tyler was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Synovial Sarcoma. It's an aggressive form of cancer that doesn't respond well to treatment; it slowly spread all over his body.

While waiting to find treatment, Tyler could not get his mind off of his 1986 Pontiac Fiero.

"Which was his baby, he's loved Fiero's since before he had his driver's license," said his mother, Daneele Shipman.

But Tyler's Fiero needed some new parts, so he made a post online.
An active soldier in Iraq found his post, and a few weeks later a group of them came to Frazee Minnesota to fix Tyler's car.

"He was not expected to walk again after we got home cause of the cancer being so pervasive," said his mother. "But he was determined to get out of that wheelchair and drive that car, and he did."

Tyler drove his car, or what they named "Tyler's Toy," until he passed away on February 14th, 2010.

The people that built Tyler's new Fiero planned on coming back to Frazee in the summer of 2010. They wanted to celebrate the new car with a car show, but they were missing one person.

"Tyler was not able to be there for that car show," said Daneele.

The community and those involved with the making of Tyler's Toy came together for the show. This year, they are marking the 10th Annual Memorial Car Show. Families come from across the globe stay at the Shipman's home, in honor of the boy that inspired so many.

The family said that their backyard, or "Camp Shipman" will be packed with trailers. They say anywhere from 30-40 campers line up in their backyard every year.

On Saturday they head to Main Avenue in Frazee for the car show, lining the streets with all kinds of vehicles. It brings together the community, who ten years later, still shows their support for the Shipman family.

The car show will take place on July 27th in Frazee, Minnesota.