Former students of Shannon Moser speak out after her prison sentence

Published: Nov. 5, 2018 at 6:39 PM CST
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A former West Fargo teacher will spend the next 10 years in jail and another 5 years of supervised probation for her conviction of 6 separate charges of sex-related crimes against students. 37-year-old Shannon Moser will also have to register as a sex offender.

"So to the boys and their families, I am truly sorry," Moser said to the court this morning.

A tearful and emotional apology came from Shannon Moser this morning, asking for forgiveness and some leniency when it came to her sentence.

"I do know however that I don't deserve that opportunity," Moser said.

We talked with several former students of Moser toda, and they all said the same; She deserves it.

"There was so many victims and they were kids in my grade. And that's just shocking.. I think she needed this. I think she needed 10 years, 15 years," one former student said.

This student wanted to remain anonymous for her safety. She adds she had a special bond with Moser. She said she turned to her in hard times and good—Only to have it ruined by Moser's actions.

"I wish that this never happened. I wish that I still could talk to her and that we could still be close. But I can't and it kinda breaks my heart," she said.

She added that although she misses the role model she once had, her wounds haven't quite healed yet.

"It's definitely taken some time to forgive her. I'm not 100 percent there yet, but I am better," she said.

Hoping time and reflection changes Moser into the person she knew and trusted.

"I always thought like this is a teacher that really cares about me and for my future, and just something happened where she couldn't stop it from happening. Like she could have, but she didn't," the student said.

A sister of one of the victims says she believes that Moser's sentence isn't long enough and that she deserves life in prison.