Former employees of Moorhead Perkins have questions after restaurant 'temporarily' closes

MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live)- Questions tonight surrounding the Moorhead Perkins. It was briefly closed in late January for repairs but now a former server wants answers. So she called our Whistleblower Hotline. She says, she and her fellow employees have been left in the dark and don't know if they still have a job there.

It started in late January.

"They told us we would be closed down for about 2 weeks and that was the only time we were updated on what's going on," says a Former Moorhead Perkins employee.

A former Moorhead Perkins employee tells us a water main break caused the restaurant to close for repairs. She didn't want to be identified though because she says she doesn't know where her job stands.

But fast forward almost two months later. She says she still hasn't heard anything from management.

"Not until it was on the news," says the Former Employee.

But she tells us she did hear about the Perkins being up for sale through past news reports. And now, she wants answers.

"They left their employees with all these questions, waiting for answers and we're all out of work," says the employee.

We went looking for answers too. The restaurant is locked up but there are indications the store could re-open. The sign says 'temporarily closed.' We also tried calling them today to ask if they are re-opening or not but didn't have much luck. However, a spokesperson previously told us the restaurant has extensive flood damage from the water main break.

As for this former employee, she was able to get back on her feet and find another job. But she says that hasn't been the case for some of her fellow employees.

The former employee we talked with also says they were given the chance to pick up shifts at other Perkins locations around the area. We reached out to the city of Moorhead to see if they know what's going on. They tell us they haven't heard anything either but assume they're moving out of the space since it's up for sale.