Former WF teacher and coach is elected to school board

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A former West Fargo teacher and coach was Tuesday's nights top vote getter and has earned a seat on the West Fargo school board.
It's Jim Jonas' second attempt at running for school board. He did so, shortly after stepping down as a teacher within the district in 2016. His departure came amid complaints from students, who reported feeling fearful to be in his classroom. One administrator said Jonas was unwilling or unable to be coached by administration. The West Fargo School board accepted a retirement plan for Jonas and paid 22,000 dollars to his teacher retirement as long as he signed a document stating that he would not take any legal action against the district.
West Fargo voters clearly showed their confidence in his ability to serve on the board. Tuesday, Jim Jonas received 1,986 votes or 12.59%. He is one of four candidates that will be seated on the board.
Others elected were Jessica Heilman and Kara Gravley-Stack. The four name will be determined after a recount. Jon Erickson, Jeff Erickson and Jeff Shirley are separated by only 26 votes.