Former Twin Valley nursing home director accused of embezzlement

Twin Valley Living Center closed in November, 2018 due to financial reasons

Twin Valley, Minn. (Valley News Live) A former nursing home director in the valley is accused of embezzling from the facility she ran, and it's the same care center that closed its doors a year ago because of money trouble.

KRJB Radio is reporting that 54-year-old Shari Schreiner of Ulen, MN is facing four counts of felony theft for allegedly stealing more than $25,000 from the nursing home in Twin Valley.

Schreiner resigned last year as the director of the Twin Valley Living Center.

Court Records allege Schreiner wrote herself four checks over three months, which were not approved by the board of directors.

A bookkeeper alerted their auditor, and a subsequent investigation led to Schreiner's resignation in Sept. 2018.

Within two months, the nursing home announced it would close for financial reasons.

Schreiner is scheduled for a court appearance in mid-November.