Former MSUM Dragon Swimming School coach charged with luring minors by computer

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): A former MSUM youth swim lessons coach is in the Cass County Jail after police raided his apartment and he admitted to meeting youth online and touching himself in front of them via Skype.

Nicholas Asmann faces felony charges of luring minors by computer and possessing child pornography.

Court documents say a child in southwestern Pennsylvania reported it to their school counselor that they met Asmann through an online Minecraft group he hosted. Asmann and the child talked via Skype several times, Asmann asking the child to take their clothes off and send him pictures. The child tells North Strabane Township Police they refused, and instead Asmann took his clothes off and in a separate session started touching himself and exposing himself on camera.

The documents say the child told police Asmann was forthcoming in being a coach at the Dragon Swimming School, and told the child he was present in the locker room when children were changing.

BCA agents tracked Asmann to Moorhead, confirming his status with MSUM, and that he had been teaching from 2014 through the end of summer 2016 and even had dinner at some of the children’s homes.

Police raided Asmann’s south Fargo apartment Wednesday, documents saying he told police he did engage in Skype chats that “went too far” and he admitted to downloading child pornography.

Nicholas Asmann has a court appearance scheduled for mid-June.