For the long haul: Couple to marry at Fargo Marathon Saturday morning

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Fargo Talk about going the distance: a couple runners who met at a race will tie the knot Saturday morning at the Fargo Marathon.

When you think about destination weddings, you may not think Fargo.

"A lot of people ask us, you know, 'Where are you gonna go next? Hawaii, Alaska,' well we've been there together, we marathoned there together already," Fargo marathoner, Bonnie Jules of Jacksonville, Florida, said.

But Fargo is exactly where Jules and her fiancé, Edward Broadnax flew into, to go the distance—and not just metaphorically.

"We're gonna get married at the Fargo marathon," Broadnax said.

The couple will marry bright and early at 6:30 a.m. on stage at the Fargodome. Then less than 30 minutes later, the two will run the 26.2-mile race.

"This time we'll run as Mr. and Mrs. Broadnax," Broadnax said.

The couple met at a race two years ago.

"I was just kind of miserable, running fast because the rain was really cold,” Broadnax said. “...Then I saw that beautiful angel, Bonnie...and I'm like, 'Oh, I gotta go run fast to catch up with them.’”

"I mean, I didn't expect to meet my future husband at a 50K of all places,” Jules said. “Who does that? But I guess I did."

So why the Fargo marathon?

"I tell everybody all the time,” Jules said, “if you've never been to Fargo, you're missing out because everybody that I meet in Fargo is super friendly, like they're not a stranger."

"I know it's flat, it's fast, the people in Fargo are super nice,” Broadnax said. “And you have the wood chipper. From the movie Fargo."

About 150 friends, family and fellow runners will be visiting from out of state for the wedding. The couple tells us other fellow runners were also invited to join in their pre and post celebrations. However, they’ve already had to RSVP, due to large numbers.