Flu vaccine shortage in the FM area

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) - If you're looking for your flu shot, you might not have much luck.

Local pharmacies and Sandford hospitals are experiencing a shortage of flu vaccines. There's a delayed shipment for some types of the vaccine.

On the other hand, Essentia Health is not experiencing any kind of shortage and shipments have been received as planned and remain on track for the rest of the month and flu season.

With it being one of the peak months for flu activity, experts say it's important you take action to avoid getting sick.

Autumn Nelson with Sanford Health says hand hygiene is huge, as always.

"We highly recommend to wash your hands," Nelson said. "If you are sick, have a fever, body aches, to stay home. If you do have a cough or a runny nose, just to cover your mouth when you do cough."

Also, make sure you still try and get your flu shot. Nelson says it's only certain types of vaccines that are delayed so ask the doctor or nurse what your options are.