Florida woman bites, hits man with light bulb for taking her broomstick, deputies say

Kimberly Ruth Mann faces a domestic battery charge for allegedly biting a man and hitting him with a lightbulb after he took her broomstick, deputies said. (Source: Pasco County Sheriff's Office)
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PASCO COUNTY, Fla. (Gray News) - Deputies arrived at a Pasco County home this week to find teeth marks in a man’s arm and what was left of a light bulb scattered on the floor.

The man told them he had been in a verbal spat on Monday with Kimberly Ruth Mann, but things got violent after she picked up a broomstick, the Miami Herald reported.

First, she poked him with it. The man said he grabbed the stick, but Mann wasn’t going to let him have it.

Instead, she allegedly sank her teeth into his arm. Then, she grabbed a light bulb and shattered it on him, investigators said.

Authorities said Mann claimed her actions were in self-defense. Even so, they considered the “red/purple mark” on the victim’s arm to be consistent with his version of events.

Deputies arrested the 32-year-old. She now faces a domestic battery charge and is being held at the Land O Lakes Jail.

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