Wet weather's domino effect on food

Published: Oct. 14, 2019 at 10:17 PM CDT
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From producers to consumers, wet conditions in Valley farm fields could have you digging deeper at the grocery store.

Jennifer Lambl from Fargo is picking up some produce for her family. She's a big fan of Ladybug Acres.

"I enjoy clean food, and so I know that what I'm growing is clean, and I enjoy bringing it to people that have that same mindset," said the owner of Ladybug Acres Amanda Schlenker.

"She's got her produce," said Lambl. "It's super good, and she's always got such a variety that it makes it nice."

The impact of the flooding has many farmers trying to keep their heads above water.

"We've had standing water in the field," said Schlenker. "Things are really dirty and mucky."

"Oh, it's bad, but I suppose it could be worse," said Lidgerwood Farmer Jesse Frolek. We probably got about six inches of precip in the last two weeks."

Meaning the next time you go to the grocery store, it could cost you more.


Jennifer lambl

"You're going to eventually see it in your supermarkets and stuff, too, you know in your produce that you buy," said Lambl. "It may not necessarily come from Fargo always, but some of it does."

"It's been a difficult season," said Schlenker. "I tell folks if it was my first season farming, it would be my last."

It's causing a chain reaction, and it's hitting other businesses like Jim Jenson's. He sells oil to the farmers.

"If they're not out in the field, then they won't need it," said Jenson with Wyndmere Tesoro.

It has a domino effect on other companies that supply farmers.

All the farmers that Valley News Live spoke with say they're trying to stay optimistic; they're helping each other out and finding another line of work for winter.

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