Flight cancellations impact Hector International Airport

FARGO, N.D. - (Valley News Live) Cancellations of flights are happening more routinely across the country. Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport had nearly 400 flight cancellations on Wednesday alone.

“The flight schedules are changing very rapidly as one can expect as demand for travel is decreasing," said Hector International Airport Executive Director, Shawn Dobberstein.

According to the TSA website, one year ago, over 2 million people went through airport security. This year, that number was drastically lower, with just under 300 thousand people traveling on Tuesday.

“Proportionally we’ve had our fair share of cancellations today and throughout the last week," said Dobberstein. "The airlines are constantly adjusting their schedules to meet the limited demand that there is. So we will see some flight cutbacks here in Fargo. Most of them will start in April.”

Airport officials say they are in constant communication with airlines to get a grasp of what flights are planned to fly in and out of Fargo in the next 12-hour window, let alone the remainder of the week.

“Just reassess your need for travel," added Dobberstein. "Look at the destination you’re going to if there are stay at home orders that people are encouraged to do. I think I would side on the side of caution and be safe and keep yourself sheltered probably in place at this point or at least stay home."

Dobberstein says that airlines are continuing to refine their schedules. The new refined airline schedules should be out at the end of the month or the first couple of days in April. He added that the best way to get the most up to date information on your flight is to sign up for flight alerts with the airline.