Five more DAPL protest arrests

Published: Dec. 28, 2016 at 3:34 PM CST
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According to the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, some protesters aren’t following through on the December 4th agreement made between law enforcement and tribal leaders.

The agreement had law enforcement move away from the north side of the Backwater Bridge and stay back as long protesters stayed off the bridge.

1:00 PM: On Tuesday, Dec. 27th, 7 protesters crossed the Cannonball River. 5 of them were arrested for criminal trespass and other outstanding warrants according to the Sheriff’s Department.

2:00 PM: Morton County Sheriff’s Department also said 20 protesters and two vehicle were on the Backwater Bridge, some of them messing with the wire barricade, causing them to cross on the north side of the bridge. A light tower and its generator were also vandalized according to law enforcement, but nobody was arrested for that.

“As long as Law Enforcement believes there is a threat from protesters who come onto the Backwater Bridge, the barricade will not be removed,” Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said. “Actions by protesters yesterday are proving they are not willing to be peaceful, and are certainly not respectful of our mutual agreement.”

3:00 PM: Law enforcement also heard rumors that the camp was “calling all warriors to Turtle Hill.” 80 protesters came to Turtle Hill, but nothing came out of that situation, although it was tense because law enforcement heard mixed rumors of people bringing rifles and others calling for peaceful protests.

5:45 PM: Law enforcement said 100 protesters gathered at Backwater Bridge. Officers responded with a Bearcat and SWAT team because of the earlier rifle threats. During this encounter, law enforcement said protesters messed with barricade wiring and ultimately, stole the Department of Transportation No Trespassing sign. Law enforcement shot three sponge less than lethal munitions. Protesters left around 7:00 PM with stragglers returning periodically throughout the evening, cutting the barrier wiring according to law enforcement, fleeing when officers went to confront them.

Tuesday’s arrest bring the total number of arrests to 577 since Dakota Access Pipeline protests began.

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