Firefighters rescue ducklings from storm sewer in Moorhead

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 10:28 PM CDT
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With the high temperatures on Monday, we were all trying to get to water - but six or seven of these little ducklings didn't quite make it.

They fell through a storm sewer grate in the road as they were following mama duck along Main Avenue in Moorhead.

Driver Rachel Cittie spotted the mother duck, realized what was going on and called for help.

According to Cittie, the mother duck was on the sidewalk, but the ducklings had a hard time jumping that high. She says when they tried to jump, they went sideways and fell into the storm sewer drain.

A Moorhead firefighter went down into the drain - and then rescue crews played duck sounds to lure the ducklings over to where they could grab them and bring them out of the drain.

Cittie says with all the sad news lately, she's glad this story had a happy ending.

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