Fargo firefighters rush to car fire on Interstate

Published: Aug. 17, 2016 at 10:15 AM CDT
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Fargo firefighters rushed to a car fire on Interstate-29 Wednesday morning.

Firefighters say the vehicle was completely engulfed in flames when they arrived on the scene about one miles south of 52nd avenue on I-29 around 9am.

Two people were able to get out of the car and were standing in the ditch waiting for firefighters to arrive. They were not hurt.

The fire department sent a couple of trucks down to the location to make sure they had enough water to extinguish the fire.

Battalion Chief Tim Binfet says the fire was in the engine and the passenger side of the car and says the vehicle is destroyed.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. Binfet says it is routine to have an investigator look into a fire like this.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol also responded. The left lane of the Interstate remained open as firefighters put out the fire.