Fargo woman's car stolen from garage

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) A local woman took to Facebook this week, in hopes of finding the car she and her mom share, that was stolen from their garage early Wednesday morning.

"I just was like, why here? I mean...Why?" Sheri Springer said.

Springer stayed the night at her daughter's West Fargo apartment Tuesday night and woke up to her worst nightmare.

"'She comes in and wakes me up, 'Mom! Mom!' and she says, 'Did you re-park the car somewhere else? Park it in a different parking spot?' And I said, 'No its in the garage!'" Springer explained. "And she says, 'Mom are you sure? Because I went out to the garage and your car is not there!'"

The silver, 2008 Mercury Milan that Springer and her daughter share to get to and from work—Gone.

"Very devastating. I mean, financially I live from paycheck to paycheck. I think about winter coming, I think about how am I gonna get to work? How am I gonna maintain a job without transportation?" Springer said.

Springer says the theft is concerning because the garage was closed, the car was locked and the keys were upstairs inside the apartment.

And as if losing her car wasn't enough... Inside the trunk was a backpack with Springer's ID's, credit cards, insurance and prescriptions.

"Because I was not at my home, and spending the night with my daughter, I chose, thinking it would be safe in a garage, locked with the alarm on. My social security number is out there now. And that's scary. I don't know where this ends," Springer said.

Springer says her insurance gave her a rental car for the next 30 days, but she's not sure what she's going to do if her own car doesn't get returned by then.

"If I don't have my vehicle for transportation, I'm very concerned my livelihood, my safety, my job security," Springer said.

She says she's hoping for the best and also hopes other's take this as a learning lesson.

"I think we have to be a little more hyper vigilant to look out for our neighbors. If you hear an alarm going off, don't just assume that the owners are going to click it off in just a second. Maybe peek around the corner because it might be your car leaving!" Springer said.

Springer says she made a report with West Fargo police. However, they did not get back to us today.

Springer added that her 2008 Milan has black leather interior, and has no identifying scratches or dents.