Fargo woman warning others of food delivery service, restaurant says menu was taken without approval

Published: Jan. 28, 2019 at 7:28 PM CST
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A Fargo woman has a warning for you tonight. It’s about a delivery service offered here in town and across the nation. It’s called DoorDash and you might have used it yourself. But it's not only this woman that's warning about the service, another business in town also has reservations about it.

The temperatures are brutal outside and the roads are a little slick. So that's why people like Lindsey Miller get food delivered instead of going out. But now, Miller is regretting that delivery.

"It makes you kind of wonder if it's a legitimate business at all or if it's just a scam," says Fargo woman, Lindsey Miller.

You see, she ordered through DoorDash Delivery. It's a food delivery service like Uber Eats or Food Dudes. But she says a short time after ordering food, she got a strange message.

"I got a call saying my order had been cancelled because the restaurant would not accept my credit card," says Miller.

So Miller decided to call the restaurant they ordered the food from to see what was going on and she talked with the manager.

"She had immediately called the company to tell them that they were not permitted to use this restaurants name or logo for any reasons," says Miller

Miller says it turned out the restaurant never gave permission to DoorDash to put them on the website. And she tells us the delivery man's card was declined.

Now we did some investigating and found DoorDash was given an 'F' rating with the Better Business Bureau. We also reached out to them to see how they run their business. They sent us the following statement:

“DoorDash launched 5years ago with one goal - to help local businesses thrive by being their last-mile logistics partner. As a merchant-first company, we are constantly innovating and launching new products and features for our merchants. For the majority of our merchants, being on DoorDash offers not only an additional influx of customers and revenue but also presents an additional marketing opportunity. For those not interested in being on DoorDash for any reason, we immediately remove them from the platform upon their request,” says DoorDash.

But now Miller tells us she doesn't plan on using the service again.

"I definitely do not consider it trustworthy," says Miller.

And she did say, she got a refund for the food. But now, she wants others who are trying to stay warm inside and get food delivered to be careful with who you go through.

As for the restaurant Miller ordered food from, they use a different delivery service that they say, they can rely on.