Fargo resident displaced by water main break wishes situation was handled better

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FARGO, N.D. - (Valley News Live) Several Fargo residents were displaced after a water main break flooded their apartments.

One of them contacted our whistblower hotline claiming the city of Fargo and the property managers could’ve handled the situation much better.

Dylan VonBank is preparing to move into his new apartment, yet he wishes he wasn’t moving at all.

“I’m trying to pack everything rapidly in my kitchen here,” VonBank said.

VonBank was suddenly forced out of his place at Westmore Court Apartments after a water main break on Wednesday flooded eight ground floor apartments.

“You hear about this stuff happening to people and you never expect it to happen to you, so it’s been tough,” VonBank said.

According to Van Raden Properties, only five of the apartments were occupied.

The company told us the city of Fargo and a private contractor were working on a water heater issue when the city forgot to shut off the water.

However, the city said they weren’t doing any work there.

In an email, the public works department stated a private contractor damaged a water pipe and then the city was called to turn the water off.

VonBank said most of his furniture and a laptop were ruined.

“They originally just said they recommended I go grab my cat because there was a water issue. And they when I called them back, I found out it was more serious than just a slight issue,” VonBank said.

Cleaning up his apartment and moving also forced him to miss at least two days of work.

“It was under like four inches of water, and at one point, it was up to six to eight inches before they pulled the toilets,” VonBank said.

VonBank said he’ll be reimbursed for most of his damaged property through his renter’s insurance, which is required by Van Raden Properties.

The company said it has relocated all its displaced tenants into new apartments at the same rate they previously paid.