Fargo parents react to Mall of America incident

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) One of the biggest fears for any parent is bearing witness to their child being seriously hurt, case in point Friday’s incident at the Mall of America.

“Whenever I’m out with my kids, I try to keep them as close as possible,” Jeremiah Colbert of Fargo said.

He was one of a handful of parents taking their kids to Courts Plus Community Fitness located along University Drive Friday evening.

Most parents said the key to protecting their child is having situational awareness.

“Just making sure when we drop off the kids, and let him get off the car, we know where they are all the time. Even if it's a couple of seconds,” Hifang Zhang said.

Yet, some also said constantly monitoring a child isn’t healthy and finding a right balance poses a challenge. Kids need to have some space.

“It's really sad and it's never fun and learn the news and hear this stuff,” Jonathan Fermakes said.

Fermakes said seeing and hearing news about kids being hurt or threatened is exhausting.

“Honestly, I think the big thing here is the mental instability of our nation as well,” Fermakes said.

He recommended that if someone is struggling with mental health they should go seek help.