Fargo parents continue to express concern over potential school boundary changes

FARGO, ND. (Valley News Live) - Fargo parents continue to make their voices heard, expressing that they don't believe proposed boundary changes in the Fargo School District are fair or necessary.

Several parents stepped forward at the Fargo Public School meeting to present their reasoning as to why they feel the boundary change would not be a good idea. They discussed everything from capacity statistics to the distance from the school impacting travel.

"When I asked them to show me a potential safe route for bicycling from the Kennedy Elementary Neighborhoods to Carl Ben, the reply was unanimous," said Jenny Zarak. "They said, there isn't one, it would be unsafe."

Parents hope to raise awareness of the situation. They tell us they have made over 1,000 yard signs protesting the boundary changes and have been placing them in their front yards around Fargo.