Fargo natives return home to create first feature length film

Published: Sep. 18, 2018 at 7:45 AM CDT
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Fargo natives Colin Froeber and Nicole Rodenburg, after spending the last decade as actors and writers in New York City, are returning to their beloved hometown to film their first feature length film, GLOB LESSONS.

Colin and Nicole co-wrote the film, and will be co-starring as Alan and Jesse, two thirtysomething strangers paired together in a two-person low-budget children’s theatre tour.

Working out of a minivan, performing in elementary schools and libraries across the frozen Upper Midwest, they struggle to overcome their fears of inadequacy and intimacy, in order to survive that lonely tundra called life. Inspired by Colin’s time doing a similar theatre tour up and down the East Coast, they are excited to bring this unique story of friendship to life!

GLOB LESSONS, to be filmed entirely on location, was initially born out of a desire to capture the stark beauty of winter in North Dakota and Minnesota, a beauty that is breathtakingly cinematic but rarely captured in feature-length narrative fiction.

Nicole and Colin drove over 1000 miles across North Dakota and Minnesota this past summer, exploring small towns, the beauty of the Great Plains and beyond. They are especially thrilled to have obtained permission to film a key sequence at The Enchanted Highway, one of North Dakota’s most inspiring, surreal, and stunning locations.

Production will take place over the course of sixteen days, beginning after Christmas 2018, taking advantage of winter break at the Fargo Public Schools. Colin and Nicole are honored to be using their old elementary schools, Lincoln Elementary and Lewis and Clark as major locations for the film.

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