Fargo mom's FB post goes viral, warning about grocery store incident

Published: Aug. 22, 2016 at 10:05 PM CDT
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A Fargo mom is telling parents to watch out after an incident at a local grocery store.

A routine trip to the Osgood Hornbacher’s has a Amy McCloud, a Fargo mom wondering if she and her daughter were being stalked. She posted online about her experience, which she calls creepy. It's been shared almost 3,000 times.

While walking into Hornbacher's with her young daughter, McCloud got the feeling they were being watched. "I noticed a couple that seemed rather close to me. Wherever I went they followed in the same pattern," she says.

Fearing that they were being stalked, McCloud purposely started wandered to different aisles, watching their behavior. "My mommy instincts were alerted and so I kept an eye on this couple” she says. “And I just kept going through the store. And when I went to the checkout they were right there."

McCloud and her daughter headed for the coffee shop inside the store, sat down and waited until the man and woman left. "It could have been a common shopping pattern or it could have been something a little more sinister,” says McCloud.

She told management what happened, and posted her experience on Facebook in a group for local moms. Others responded sharing similar experiences. "I was uncomfortable getting a couple common threads here, so then I decided to make a public post just warning the rest of my friends and family that live in the area."

McCloud’s post has been shared thousands of times by moms who shop in the area and appreciate the warning.

"I don't think I have ever seen anyone follow me, but people should also keep in mind. I think some people think that a mom of multiples might be an easy target. But, I think that people should not underestimate a mother because they will kill for their babies, so they shouldn't think that they are an easy target," says Chelsey Richards. She’s a local mom who shops at the Osgood Hornbacher’s regularly.

McCloud says she could be overreacting, but wants others to watch out, just in case. It's not just the one grocery store, or just one mom's experience, McCloud says it's a scary world out there. "Have your eyes open, see what's around you."

We reached out to Hornbacher's, they didn't want to comment at this time. McCloud tells us that Hornbacher’s is taking the situation seriously, and says they are investigating.

Fargo police say a police report has not been filed.